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The Karma of India Nadeau

The Magical Second Life of the Dorky Chick

It’s MeMe Time!

Posted on | March 20, 2013 | Comments Off on It’s MeMe Time!

I have honestly never done a meme before.  I didn’t even know what meme meant until recently!  Maybe I am just behind on the times with internet lingo, but I digress.  I thought this seemed like a fun thing to post.  It was a post theme started recently by Strawberry Singh on her blog.  If you want to do the MeMe too, simply copy and paste the following questions and answer them with responses pertaining to your own Second Life!

I will add better style credits later…

      1. What is the rez date for your current SL Avatar that you use most often? India Nadeau, March 26th, 2008
      2. Where was the first place you made friends as a newb and got to know people in Second Life? The first place I remember meeting and befriending people was a club called “Millionaires.”  That club was where I obtained my very first SL job.  Most of us were part of the regular crowd there, and it was really a laid back and fun atmosphere.  I sometimes really miss those days and those people.  Those were the days of exciting exploration of the unknown in SL, and having a laugh.  I hope everyone I had known there are doing wonderful, wherever they all may be!
      3. Where do you spend most of your SL time now? My house that I have with my partner.
      4. Who is your closest friend in Second Life? (only pick one) My partner, Zaap Nirvana.
      5. What is the most favorite thing in your inventory? (only pick one) Umm, it varies weekly.  Haha.  Right now it is my Amberly skin from Glam Affair.
      6. The last thing you purchased in Second Life? Wedge sneakers from Gizza.
      7. What color clothing does your avatar wear most often? I think I mix it up pretty well…
      8. Do you prefer to walk, run or fly? I normally walk unless I am at some kind of large fair or something.
      9. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done in SL? Hmmm, it involves some prims.  :)
      10. Who would you like to play YOU, in the movie of your SLife? An actress with some spunk, a sharp wit (but not too sharp), a sarcastic sense of humor, and a good heart.


SKIN: Amberly in India by Glam Affair
HAIR: Exile
DRESS: Rebel Hope

    Structured Style

    Posted on | February 9, 2013 | Comments Off on Structured Style

    I have been wearing this outfit in Second Life for over a month now…because I didn’t want to do my pixel laundry.  Just kidding!  Really though, I seriously have been wearing this Michami Lana Brocade Cocktail Dress for that long. I have wanted to blog this dress since it came out.  I haven’t been in SL much in the past month, mainly due to illness, partially due to not feeling creative, and somewhat to do with not feeling like the photos I was trying to capture were doing these items any justice as to how pretty they are.

    Starting with the dress…I think the structure is one of the best things about it.  It offers a lovely modern contrast to more of an intricate, rich, vintage feel texture.  It looks elegant and classy.

    The heels were a more recent purchase.  Gos turned up the heat in the mesh shoe realm with an entire new line of sexy, sassy, glamorous footwear with an amazing skin matching HUD.  Trust me ladies, skin matching is easier than ever before with these beauties because it works in conjunction with a website that lists skins from SL’s most popular skin brands.  Achieving the perfect foot color is as simple as selecting your skin from a list and syncing the HUD after you have chosen.  You may then save your commonly used skin tones to the HUD.  For any skins not listed in the website database, manual shade matching is still an option.

    Please note, in the above photo there is something funky going on with the ankle shading right under where you can see the skin of the mesh meet my skin.  While I have edited certain things in these pics (applied an action, added some lens blur, smoothed some sharp edges), I did not edit this glitch out in order to show the shoes clearly.  I believe the shading in the photo may have occurred because I may have worn a pair of the heels that was a size too small, and I could not get the large ones to rez at the time of the photo and became impatient (my other ankle looks great).  The larger pair does not have a noticeable line like this inworld for me.

    So, I believe that the little line there is blogger error and the fact I was using a smaller size.  Oopsies.  Anyway, I so love the way these shoes look.  Plus, I don’t have to fight with trying to match my skin tone!


    SKIN: Ivy in Tropez by Body Co. & the Classic Eyeshadow
    HAIR: Mourray in Bournville By Lelutka
    JEWELRY: Polly Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings in White and Gold By Mandala (Mesh)
    DRESS: Lana Brocade Cocktail in Precious by Michami (Mesh)
    SHOES: Grace Sandal in Mirror by Gos (Mesh)

    Are you on FlickrTwitterPlurk, or Facebook?  Add me!  I love seeing the blogs and pics of other SL residents!


    Goodies at Unhinged

    Posted on | November 17, 2012 | Comments Off on Goodies at Unhinged

    Last night I finished putting together and taking pics for this blog entry for the Unhinged gatcha event which will run until December 15th.  For those who may not know, the event is a benefit for an amazing Second Life creator, Eku Zhong.  I mentioned in my last post a bit about what the proceeds are meant for, but to reiterate straight from the Unhinged blog:

    “Her struggles started with MS. Then they found thyroid cancer, and through poor treatment it turned into bone cancer.  Over the last seven years, literally countless surgeries, radiation therapies, bone replacements and marrow transplants later, the stress of repeated surgeries has left her skull fragile and yet more surgery is needed.

    The area where her zygotic arch meets the temporal bone is severely compromised.

    Literally there is a risk that her zygotic arch could lift off the temporal arch and push the temporal bone into her brain. Actions as simple as chewing hard food or yawning the wrong way could cause this.

    There is hope. Another surgery could correct this issue, but it requires the purchase of a prosthesis to replace the damaged bone. This is where myself and a group of people who love her dearly come in, and you as well should you choose to help out.”

    Proceeds from the gatchas will be going towards the costs of Eku’s operation.

    SLURL:  secondlife://WATERWORKS/4/174/28

    Creators have banded together to bring this event to fruition, and I hope you all take time to stop by and show support.  Little things add up, and the more people who blog this event, stop by to play the gatchas, or make direct donations, the closer Eku is to getting this prosthesis.

    So, now…on to the look!

    I really wanted to blog this cute red top by Geometry.  It has a playful design, combined with a bit of…darkness.  I also wanted to show off these boots by Lassitude & Ennui which features embroidered skulls on the sides.  They added a fun bit of macabre (I know, sounds like an oxymoron, but I like skulls).

    Another item that can be found at Unhinged, is this Black Cranium Ring by Sakide.  It added the extra bit I needed to complete the look.  The cuff was something I already had from Erratic, and as for newness…I love, love, love these mesh ears that came out recently from Mandala.  They are super easy to tint with the HUD, and you can change the colors on the earring metal and gemstones.  The Demi hair from Truth was also a new purchase.  I haven’t bought some Truth hair for awhile, and this style seemed perfect!


    SKIN: Ivy in Tropez by Body Co. & the Classic Makeup
    HAIR: Demi in Treacle by Truth (Mesh)
    RING: Black Cranium Ring in Silver by Sakide
    BRACELET: Leather Chained Bracelet in Black by Erratic
    EARS: Steking Ears by Mandala (Mesh)
    SHIRT: Eku Tank in Red by Geometry (Mesh)  ***
    PANTS: Kato Leggings from the Kato outfit by Indyra
    BOOTS: Sugarskull Boots in Black by Lassitude & Ennui (Mesh)  ***

    Items in italics and *** note promo copies.

    Are you on FlickrTwitterPlurk, or Facebook?  Add me!  I love seeing the blogs and pics of other SL residents!


    Like…Totally…Dressing Like I’m from Clueless

    Posted on | November 11, 2012 | Comments Off on Like…Totally…Dressing Like I’m from Clueless

    Alright, I have a feeling my thoughts may be a bit all over the place in my blog here, but eh…I like random so here goes.

    I have been wearing this ensemble in Second Life for days because I have been meaning to blog it.  The little dress reminded me of something Alicia Silverstone wore in the movie Clueless, and since it is one of those movies on my list of those that I never get tired of…I had to have it.  It was designed by Cracked Mirror for the November FaMeshed.

    The hair, also from FaMeshed and made by Wasabi Pills, was really right on the money with the overall look.  I love the texture change headband.  It added to that preppy type look.  What is not so preppy is the fishnets from Erratic, and the shiny black boots from Gos.  I guess…this is more like preppy/dom?

    I totally had to stop mid post to fix the lines I missed in the above image.  I apparently wasn’t being observant in Photoshop…oops.  Can’t LL do something to eliminate that glitch by now?  Ugh.  Anyway, I digress…

    One thing I really wanted to mention in this post was about an upcoming event called Unhinged.  I haven’t blogged an event for quite sometime, and to be honest, the logo was what initially attracted my attention.  There is a really cool skull on it.  It made me curious and upon reading the event info, I signed up for the blogger list last minute.  If I would have known earlier, I would have tried making something for it.  It says it is a gatcha festival for the head of Eku Zhong, the talented creator behind the wonderful pieces at Culprit.

    For the head of Eku Zhong?  Yes.  That is right.  It sounds strange to put it in those terms, but that is what it says on the event blog.  Without getting too medical jargon-y here, it is a benefit to help assist with costs for a surgical implant to structurally reinforce a part of her skull that has become fragile. Please see the Unhinged blog for the full story, as I cannot do it justice here.  The event is still looking for entertainment and people who would like to be involved, so you can check the blog out for that information as well.

    I really love to see the beauty of humanity when SL residents come together to aid one person because the community cares or admires that person.  It is nice to know that in a virtual world, we can connect and help others–albeit it may only be in a small way.


    SKIN: Ivy in Tropez by Body Co.
    HAIR: Amelie in Black Coffee by Wasabi Pills at FaMESHed (Mesh)
    RING: Giselle Opal Set in Black by Maxi Gossamer
    EARRINGS: Giselle Opal Set in Black by Maxi Gossamer
    DRESS: Woolsworth Dress in Black/White by Cracked Mirror  at FaMESHed (Mesh)
    STOCKINGS: Fishnets Thin in Black by Erratic
    BOOTS: Equestrian Boots in Black by Gos (Mesh)


    Are you on FlickrTwitterPlurk, or Facebook?  Add me!  I love seeing the blogs and pics of other SL residents!

    Blue Chic

    Posted on | October 6, 2012 | Comments Off on Blue Chic

    FaMESHed for October has brought SL some lovely items this month.  One item of which really is a beautiful example of simple feminity–the Kennedy Mesh Dress by Rebel Hope.  This is the first thing from Rebel Hope I have ever purchased.  I love the classy style of it.  The dress is the type that can be dressed up or dressed down depending on how it is accessorized.

    Also for this post, I am showcasing the newest release by Gospel Voom of Gos.  When I first had seen a teaser for the Equestrian Boots I knew they were a must have.  I went to the store twice before they were on sale being the eager beaver that I was.  Gos footwear never disappoints, and the texture of these high steppers is truly amazing!



    SKIN: Ivy in Tropez by Body Co.
    HAIR: Break Away in Swiss by Exile
    MAKEUP: Lipstick in Mermaid and Eyeshadow in Soft for Ivy by Body Co.
    RING: Matsumame Ring (right hand) in Blue/Silver by Mandala
    EARRINGS: Tukemono in Silver by Mandala (Past TDR)
    DRESS: Kennedy Dress in Navy by Rebel Hope at FaMESHed (Mesh)
    DRESS: Equestrian Boots in Hazel by Gos (Mesh)


    LOCATION: Venexia


    Are you on FlickrTwitterPlurk, or Facebook?  Add me!  I love seeing the blogs and pics of other SL residents!



    The Return of Marie Antoinette

    Posted on | September 21, 2012 | Comments Off on The Return of Marie Antoinette

    …and the return of India Nadeau.  It has been months since I have last blogged anything here.  There are various reasons for this, the main issue being that SL had become way too laggy for me (and those pesky lines in pictures) and as much as I tried to fix the lag, nothing worked!  I deduced it was my machine, and not SL itself.  The metaverse might lag like a donkey stuck in quicksand, but this was getting ridiculous!

    In the end, my computer decided to give up on me a few weeks ago and I was given the verdict it wasn’t worth fixing.  It was a sad day in the neighborhood when I received the bad news, but now I have a really amped up, pretty, lightning fast machine to replace the old.

    So, my time in SL over the past six months hasn’t been what it once was.  During this time I was working on “trying” to make a couple items for our SL brand N2 Pixel Studio when my patience allowed, and reading alot among other RL things.  It feels good to be back experimenting with SL photography again without any major restriction.  I bow down to the 675m Nvidia GPU and my i7 processor for saving my patience and allowing me to turn my inspiration into a visual form more easily.

    Now, on to the inspiration!

    I love historical fiction and movies.  I had seen this amazing dress by Boudoir on the Marketplace and on Flickr recently, and I instantly knew I HAD to do a historical style ensemble and blog it.  It came together really well, and I am really happy with the resulting images.

     Niran’s Viewer is now the best viewer for me in terms of making those annoying lines less visible.  They usually don’t completely disappear, but they are hardly noticeable and easier to fix.

    This is my favorite image of those I made.  It reminds me of a painting. I really enjoyed using the Faith skin from [PXL].  I made my own fatpack using the vendor system there.  The dark lipstick and eye makeup matched perfectly with the dark look I was going for.

    The hair and earrings really completed the feel of the outfit.  Tukinowaguma did a perfect job on this style.  It doesn’t come with a hairbase, so I used a random black base I had in my inventory just to make the hairline a bit more soft, though it barely shows.  The earrings by Indyra Originals add a little dangly sparkle!



    SKIN: Faith in Sunkissed by [PXL]
    HAIR: Suvi in Ebony by Tukinowaguma
    MAKEUP: Faith Boudoir Eyes and Dark Lips by [PXL]
    NECKLACE: Ibiza Chains by Indyra Originals
    EARRINGS: Briolette Earrings in Noir by Indyra Originals (Partial Mesh)
    DRESS: Domino Drama Baroque Gown by Boudoir

    LOCATION: Chateau de Versailles


    Are you on FlickrTwitterPlurk, or Facebook?  Add me!  I love seeing the blogs and pics of other SL residents!

    Pose Fair 2012

    Posted on | April 19, 2012 | Comments Off on Pose Fair 2012

    All shopping events, expos, and fairs have their own unique draw and flavor.  These organized affairs allow designers to come together in one area to show off their new creations, and allow us a first look at some new exclusive content that hasn’t yet been placed in store.

    I really enjoy these events, but I admit, I am so directionally challenged it’s not even funny!  I find myself getting lost in even the best laid out places.  I usually have to re-orientate myself with the landing point and familiarize myself with what direction I have already explored.  Anyway, aside from my own personal compass being wacky, the layout of this year’s fair was well done and the design was a nice expression of artistic minimalism.  So, whenever I was getting my directions mixed up I could easily cam around and see things clearly without obstruction.  It also helps to have the handy dandy list of SLURLs at your fingertips!  This is the third Pose Fair and so far the largest at 120 vendors!

    Needless to say, that is a lot of poses to take in.

    The fair began April 15th  and will continue until April 30th.  There is also a photo contest going on for fair shoppers to showcase their skills.  Just upload your images showing off your Pose Fair items to the official Flickr Group.

    Now on to my first purchase at the fair.  I chose this camera pose and prop set by {what next}.   The poses are contained by the camera props.  There are five of them, and you simply wear one of the five cameras and you are posed!


    SKIN: India in Tan by The Body Co.
    HAIR: In the Meantime in Drift by Exile (MESH)
    MAKEUP: India Eyeshadow from the Sunrise set, India Lipstick from the Pure set
    JEWELRY: Chant in Milk Carnellian by Finesmith
    SHIRT: Elade in Dark Gray by Baiastice  (MESH)
    PANTS: Zipper-Skinny Jeans in #8 by Maitreya (MESH)
    SHOES: Etoile in Orange by N-Core

    {what next} Pop-Shot Camera fPose1
    {what next} Pop-Shot Camera fPose4

    Are you on Flickr, Twitter, Plurk, or Facebook?  Add me!  I love seeing the blogs and pics of other SL residents!

    I’m Not Just Your Ordinary Jane

    Posted on | March 3, 2012 | Comments Off on I’m Not Just Your Ordinary Jane

    March Mesh Madness has begun, and the event is currently in full swing on FATEisland.  A number of talented mesh creators have some amazing items to display, and hopefully I will be able to get a few more posts about it published before it ends.

    I am in awe of many of the creations showcased at MMM.  First of all, as someone who is struggling to learn the 3D modeling program Blender, I appreciate the agony many of these artists must have gone through learning their respective design programs of choice.  To be able to create a realistic looking dress out of a cube  or two is mind blowing.

    One dress I particularly loved for its clean design, popping color, and somewhat bohemian feel, is this Emily Dress by Jane.  The top portion is loose and free, and the skirt has just enough flare at the bottom.

    The jewelry set and hair are also mesh and can be found at MMM as well.  The jewelry pieces, by Maxi Gossamer of MG, are fantastic quality and design, as well as very affordable.  You can buy one color of the Giselle Opal Set, or purchase all the colors in the fatpack.  I loved this new long hairstyle by Magika, and it comes with a convenient color change HUD and a mirrored version of the style.


    SKIN: Aiko Deep tan 14 cleavage by Belleza
    HAIR: Capture with color HUD by Magika (MESH)
    MAKEUP: Love my eyes Liner and Mascara -thick by *BOOM*
    JEWELRY: Giselle Opal Set in Tangerine by MG (MESH)
    DRESS: Emily Dress in Apricot by JANE  (MESH)
    SHOES: Caresse in Platine by N-Core

    For some of the items featured in this post, and many other fashionable mesh finds, visit the MMM event!


    Are you on Flickr, Twitter, Plurk, or Facebook?  Add me!  I love seeing the blogs and pics of other SL residents!

    Let’s Go for a Sunday Drive

    Posted on | February 26, 2012 | Comments Off on Let’s Go for a Sunday Drive

    Spring is coming (I think) and I felt an overwhelming need to get creative on a project I had been thinking about.  I haven’t written too much about it in previous posts (um, actually nothing but I added a page about it).  My partner and I, Zaap, created a brand called N² Pixel Studio for our photo studio and projects that we partake in together.  I haven’t bothered creating another blog for it because it is just a hobby thing.  I suppose one day I may need to create another site for if we make more items or take on other projects under the brand, but for now I guess I will just be using my own blog for N² Pixel Studio promotions.

    So, now onto the shameless self promo.

    I have loved fashion and clothes for years, but one major thing that inspires me is fabric.  It is fun for me to check out different textiles and imagine the possibilities the fabrics can be used for in real life.  I am physically unable to sew, but I can still visualize what I would make.

    Second Life textures are also fun for me to look at–I check out the Marketplace often to find inspiration.  Recently, I found some textures made by Alex Bader of Studio Skye.  All the textures I have bought from here are exceptionally well done.  Studio Skye is one of my top picks for texture artists.

    The floral textures I found inspired the Sunday Drive Dress I created.  I utilized two texture patterns in various colors, and I modified some colors to suit what I wanted.   The dress is mesh, and it comes in four sizes.

    To view anything created by N² Pixel Studio, we have a Marketplace presence:



    HAIR: Mourray in AlmostGoth by Lelutka
    JEWELRY: Gloria Watch and Nana Earrings by Donna Flora
    DRESS: Sunday Drive Dress in Pink Flirt by N² Pixel Studio (MESH)
    SHOES: Caresse in Platine by N-Core


    Are you on Flickr, Twitter, Plurk, or Facebook?  Add me!  I love seeing the blogs and pics of other SL residents!

    March Mesh Madness is on its way!

    Posted on | February 20, 2012 | Comments Off on March Mesh Madness is on its way!

    I am bursting at the seams to share with you what I have been wanting to write in this post!  First of all, this isn’t going to be just about March Mesh Madness, but it is what I am highlighting here right off the bat.

    Beginning March 1st, 2012 one of the most anticipated events for mesh lovers will kick off at FATEisland.  Mesh creators will be coming together in one place to showcase their designs in a grand event.  This will be a hot sim to be at opening day!

    Creators featured here will be coldLogic, Aura, Jane, FATEcreate, Decoy, Wasabi Pills, Magika, and many more!  So, be sure you mark your calendars and remember this SLURL:

    March Mesh Madness

    The more I wear mesh, the more I like it.  I am definitely saving my lindens for MMM 2012!

    Now, to showcase another design from the mesh brand coldLogic (yea, yea, my third coldLogic post in a row…but when you are inspired by something you just need to run with it)!  When I saw this dress initially, I knew I wanted to do a sort of a retro or vintage look.  When I was browsing the fashion feeds recently, I caught the new fringed oxfords by Annex which had a color that matched the buttery yellow dress to perfection!

    I also wanted to feature this pose I am using by Essential Soul that can be found at the Proposers Expo.  An amount of the proceeds from the expo will be given to ASA also known as the Autism Society of America.  The event ends February 25th, so check it out if you have not yet been there!

    Zaap just so happened to sneak up behind me while I was experimenting for the first time with the Exodus Viewer on some country back road.  He coincidentally was wearing a yellow shirt.  I’m not sure he knows I am posting this picture…but oh well.  I liked it!

    I really think the image quality of Exodus is exceptional.  The clarity and crispness is amazing.  I still get some lines on my images, however, at least I now know an effective way to deal with them.

    After messing around posing myself with him in the background, I then had him try this adorable pose with me by Nspiration that can be found at the expo as well…


    SKIN: Aiko Deep tan 11 HB cleavage and Lip Layer 3 by Belleza
    HAIR: Mourray in AlmostGoth by Lelutka
    MAKEUP: Love my eyes Liner and Mascara -thick by *BOOM*
    JEWELRY: Gloria Watch and Nana Earrings by Donna Flora
    DRESS: Reed in Butter by coldLogic (MESH)  ***
    SHOES: Fringed Oxfords in Beige by Annex

    SINGLE POSE: Above The Fold by *ES*  ***
    COUPLES POSE: One Heart by Nspiration  ***

    LOCATION: The Mother Road

    Items in italics and *** note promo copies.

    Are you on Flickr, Twitter, Plurk, or Facebook?  Add me!  I love seeing the blogs and pics of other SL residents!

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